Csaba Nyitrai, Architectural Intern III

Csaba Nyitrai

Architectural Intern III

Csaba received his Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Debrecen, Hungary, in 2015.

For Csaba the most important aspects of building design are logic, harmony and justified reasons. He believes that a building is considered great only if all of its dimensions, its functions, and its parameters correspond to the indisputably best version of its own.

He is interested in all aspects of the architectural design process, from sketching the overall concept to figuring out the smallest of details. He has extensive experience in waterproofing system designs and other building structure solutions.

During his studies, he was a TA at the Building Structures Department, helped assembling course presentations, and notes and taught practical courses.

Csaba is a music buff, he plays many instruments, but his favorite is the drums, which he has played since age 10.